Stop a Leak Before It Gets Worse

Pipe leak detection and repair in Islamorada, Tavernier, Key Largo & North Key Largo, FL

How can you tell if a pipe has burst in your home? There are a few obvious signs, such as water stains, but sometimes you can miss a major leak when it happens. Heath Townsend Plumbing and Septic, Inc offers pipe leak detection services in Islamorada, Tavernier, Key Largo & North Key Largo, FL. We can locate the source of the leak and diagnose the issue. Then, we'll suggest the best solution.

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3 reasons to stay on top of a pipe repair

Once we've confirmed that you have a leak, you should let us handle the pipe repair ASAP. Ignoring a leak could result in:


  1. Flooring damage - when water leaks in your home or office, it can cause serious damage to your flooring.
  2. Wall damage - when a pipe bursts or leaks behind your walls, it can damage your drywall. This can lead to structural issues.
  3. Mildew issues -water damage in your floors, ceilings or walls can also breed mold and mildew, which can be a major health concern.




Don't take any risks with your home or your health; reach out to Heath Townsend Plumbing and Septic now to schedule pipe repair services in Islamorada, Tavernier, Key Largo and North Key Largo FL.